The Best Thing To Happen To College Students
The College Trading Post
everything you need to survive your college years on a budget
Make Cash on the Trading Post
when you sell at your campus
Make some extra money by selling anything you want to other students on campus. Adding new items is easy and fast, and students at your school are posting new stuff every day - from textbooks to hover boards. Whether you're looking to make some extra beer money for the weekends, or simply want to put some money away for the future, the Trading Post is your answer!
Amazing Student Discounts
for what you do most often
As college students ourselves, we know what it's like to live on a budget. We get it, some people love shoes, some poeple love watches, and everyone loves food, which is why we want to help you save money on anything and everything you love. We are negotiating new deals everyday, all exlusively for you - the college student!
Student Subleases
to help you save on rent
Whether you love or hate your apartment, the last thing you want to do is lose money when you're not living in it. We've built a unique system for you to sublet your unused apartment to other students who may need it. Suppose you're on summer vacation for 3 months. Youre lease doesn't end just because classes end, so use MidTrade to sublet to a student who needs it while you don't!
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