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Thousands of college students trust MyCollegeTown to find specials, subleases, and items for sale.
"This app has saved me SO much money!"
- Megan, Ole Miss

Tools for Connecting College Students with Each Other and the Local Scene

CollegeTown Specials

Find the most up-to-date, money-saving deals at your favorite bars and restaurants. Never pay full price again.

Student Subleases

Never pay extra rent again!
Find a roommate or a place to live.
Students only!

Campus Trading Post

The best way to buy and sell stuff on campus.
Students only!
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Our Story

We founded MyCollegeTown to solve the problems WE had in college.

Too much junk... not enough money... paying to much for food and rent...

MyCollegeTown makes your college life easier. Learn more about our story

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